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Subject:RE: RE: RE: 1948S Date:Wed Feb 29 11:02:51 2012
Response to:17056
Who judged the bike? That bike was mis-scored. A regulator, and ammeter bracket that didn't come out until 1957 would definately be 2 points off. Wrong spark plug wire should deduct 1 full point. The front brake adjuster bracket is bent (unrestored part), the valve stems are unfinished and should be blackened brass, the clutch adjuster nut appears to be the 50 and later type, but it's hard to see in the picture.Pretty sure the rear chain has a master link too.

Here's a '49S with a LOT of parts that came from Salem oregon, made "Senior" at Fremont last weekend, 98 3/4 points! Thanks!
its restoration!