From:John Dutra Electronic:JMDUTRA -A- LIVE.COM
Subject:RE: Pics from Dixon meet Date:Sat Mar 3 00:55:10 2012
Response to:17065
Good to hear from you Richard,as you've probably noticed your
actually in one of the pictures.The last we spoke was at Dixon
and you were getting ready to move to the San Jose area. Hope
your settled in and looking forward to this years meet. It
would be great if you could bring your Hummer as well. There's
always room for more bikes under the not so big top.

To all of you who might not know, the names of those pictured
will appear by moving your cursor over the corresponding

I'm sure I speak for Gene Underwood as well as myself when I
say we're hoping to see as many of you as possible at Dixon
this year.

Thank's , John.

Did anyone ever post any pictures from the Dixon meet? I
met some great people there.