From: Lee "Leroy" Lange Electronic:twostrokers -A-
Subject:59-65 Speedo Brackets Date:Wed Mar 7 20:48:07 2012
Mutt, You have only seen one bracket for these 59- 65 speedos?
I have an original 60,and a few original 62-65's with differant brackets, again original.

I do not have a 59 but, I would presume it is the same as a 60? I do not have an original 61 so I don't know which year they changed the bracket, 60, 61?.

Perhaps someone out in Hummer land has a 59 or 61 to compare?

Dave, another page for our how to restore section?

Funny how 1 part might make a difference?


Still $250 grand and you can have my inventory, tools and know how...