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Do you still have the oil cup on the fuel cap? that has a fuel mix formula on it for (about) 30 weight oil. Others on group have suggested using the original formula some suggest special oils. Myself I go for motorcycle 2 stroke oil, I've found one easy to get local to me & am trying to keep my mix the same (To me), due to tuning issues.

The original (small) sprocket would run the bike 35-45mph top the larger will run the bike proportionally slower. 49 tooth small, 120 tooth larger will go about 15-18mph. another sprocket than the 120 would have different top speed.

Look at back questions with the search feature you'll find lots of good reading. But do ask questions I know some of what I've thought & said I don't still believe.

Post picks of the bike we'd all love to see it.


Hey Dana I am finishing up on a 58 B that my dad gave me, he bought it new when he was 14. I'm getting excited to ride it. Wondered what kind of oil is best and what the exact oil mixture is? Also There is two sprockets, One over top of the other. Do you know about what kind of speed I can expect out of both sprockets? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you

My 56B, that I ride most often down to the post office, about
a 4 mile round trip. I don't worry as much about getting it
splashed. This one was also restored (in 2009) by Bruce

Also had my 54ST out today. This is another Bruce Mackenzie
restoration (2010).

Hey, all you Hummer enthusiasts! How many of you are giving
your Hummers any winter "exercise"? We had a sunny, 65* + day
here in Castle Rock, CO, so I got each of my Hummers out for a