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Subject:RE: RE: RE: To John Dutra Date:Wed Mar 14 17:54:16 2012
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Thanks Mike, COOL little piece of History. Now if Harley had
a clue they would jump all over the retro band wagon that's
happening in Motorcycling and Cars today and build a modern
day version of the Hummer, a 250 V Twin with Triple disc's
and at 75 minimum MPG they'd be flying out of the showrooms.
Who know's Retro better than Harley ?

yep, they were all black, except the ones that were red, or

Hi Richard, looks like after May 6th of 49 you had a couple
choices other than brilliant black ,Flight Red and Azure
Blue.If you go to the how to restore tab and scroll down and
you'll see paint colors chapter 60, click on that and your
... ahem, Gold.I always suggest getting all the mechanics
worked out and the bike road worthy, if your there then
"all" that's left is dis assembly,paint and
reassembly.However I can personally attest to how much fun
you can have with a good running bike even if it does need
paint and in my case a few other odds and ends.
Glad to hear your coming to Dixon.Keep in touch.

Hi John,
Great memory!! I am in San Jose now. Thanks for
remembering me. I will be making the Dixon meet an annual
event. I may need some help in restoring my 49S. Is there a
way to find the original color? Or were they all black?