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Subject:RE: RE: Help - I need a bolt Date:Wed Mar 14 22:06:52 2012
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Aw Jeez, you're never gonna let me live that one down. But yes, I took the same route, although I only went about 3 miles before turning around. Considering my luck the last time, I'm not even going to try...

Here's part of the Henderson KJ kickstarter story from 2007:

The Lost Kick-Starter Saga continues...

FRIDAY, I carefully examined the roadside for the entire 8-mile (not 6) route. I walked about 3 or 4 miles, then I turned to my trusty Harley Hummer for the rest. I could ride the Hummer at a "walking pace", and it was easy to dismount when needed for a closer look.

I found lots of stuff:
1 dead deer
1 dead raccoon
1 dead snake
1 live chipmunk
2 U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey survey markers
1 John Deere part (combine?)
2 wooden wire spools
- took one home to wrap electric cord
1 5-gallon plastic gas can
- will go back and look at this
1 trailer wheel & tire
5627 beer cans (mostly Bud Lite)
0 Henderson kick-starter cranks

Perhaps it is lying next to your KJ kick starter?

I need one motor mount bolt - anyone got a spare?

I had a "running out of gas" problem - turns out the carburator float setting was way off. I took the bike out for a shakedown cruise, and suddenly it developed this terrible sounding vibration at mid-range throttle.

OH NO! What have I done now? I couldn't identify the noise, it didn't sound like lower end, nor upper-end either. The bike ran OK, so I nursed it home, and commenced head scratching.

Then I found the problem - one of the front motor mount bolts had come loose and fallen out. The other front bolt was loose, and would have fallen out if I had driven it much further. Both rear bolts were nice and tight.

The hardware-store bolt I put in temporarily looks really bad, so I need one of the "real thing".