Subject:RE: 55st Date:Thu Mar 15 21:24:16 2012
Response to:17157
A regular (modern) 2-stroke mix is usually about 40:1 which has considerably less oil than the original Hummer mix which was 25:1 (5 oz of 40 weight per gallon). If your gas cap still has the measuring cup attached to it you use 2 full cups per gallon. This is probably over-kill but that is what they used back in the day. The bottom line is that they need gas to run, your problem is probably a fuel petcock that won't flow (easy to test by holding the primer rod down and looking to see if fuel flows out the vent hole in the float bowl cover). Hole the primer down until you get fuel spilling, set the choke, and kick it.

starting putting this hummer together about 3 months ago and it is coming along fine but having a problem getting started,it starts and runs but not every time.Does it matter if you use regular 2 stroke mix?My first hummer, Have it looking good now but need to get it running right.