From:Joe LaRosa Electronic:apizzano -A-
Subject:RE: Silver Sands 2012 - the Pictures Date:Fri Mar 23 08:40:16 2012
Response to:17180
I would like to thank Dr. Pepper and co. for extending some "Hummer
Hospitality" to me when I was at the AMCA meet in Florida. They were very
outgoing and friendly, they made me feel like I`ve known them forever. I would
like to add, Dr. Pepper made good on the Bud Lite he was saving for me, since I
missed them at last year`s meet. Thank You once again, Joe LaRosa #240

Dr. Pepper and Don Biter were busy taking pictures of the
Hummer Hospitality Tent at the AMCA Silver Sands swap meet.

Hop on over to the "Hummer Club" section of the website, and click on 2012
Silver Sands Swap Meet - there's two pages full of pictures of the meet.

THANK YOU - Dr. Pepper, Joe Nicolette, Boone, Don Biter

Free burgers and beer are NOT available on the website. If you missed Silver
Sands, come collect them at Oley on April 27-28.