From:gene underwood
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: bike wont shift into 3rd gear! Date:Sat Mar 31 15:43:17 2012
Response to:17202

Thanks hummerites!
I did a little trial and error adjusting, and second try
fixed "precious" right up! I rode her around the
neighborhood in the rain shifting merrily along.
last june i had her judged at amca in dixon. she scored 98
3/4 points. (thanks Mutt). I will be entering her again this
year when John Dutra and I RERESENT the west coast chapter
with our "should be patented"
Harley Hummer Club Happy Hour and Hospitality Suite
at Dixon in June. Hope some more of ya come oit and visit.
Last year Duane Taylor, Dean Hummer, Mutt, (and of course John Dutra and Gene Underwood) were all assembled at one
time in 1 place. Thats gonna be hard to top, but John and I
will be tryin!
Thanks again. Gene

Thanks. I figured thats what it is, but I am not sure how to
adjust it, Do you hold the screwdriver part still and turn
nut around it? and which direction do you turn??
Thanks in advance. Gene

I had a similar problem a few yrs back. Sounds like your
clutch adjustment
nut needs adjusted. Probably just 1/8 of a turn. I don't
remember if it's left
or right. 

I am a novice, take my advice lightly.

Ive been ridin my 1962 pacer bt around the
neighborhood. It shifts fine
into 1st and 2nd, but it seems to click into 3rd but isnt.
the engine rpm's
stay elevated without increase in speed so I know Im not in
thrid gear.
why not? what do I do?
some one help me please!!!