From:Dana Wassum
Subject:RE: Hummer restoration help Date:Sat Mar 31 23:13:03 2012
Response to:17220
Bill: Bruce Mackenzie does anything you want. He is listed
in the PARTS section of this site. He is located in Dekalb,
IL, only about a 6 1/2 hour drive down I-94 from you. Bruce
totally restored two of my bikes, and also my brother's 48S.
(Pictured) Check out his website, and give Bruce a call. He
can advise, assist, or do any work you want to have done to
your bike. In my case, I chose to have Bruce do the entire
project. My brother & I are both VERY pleased with the

I have a 48 hummer that I recieved about a year ago. The
previous owner started to restore but much of it is in boxes
and, I believe some needs to be redone. Is there anyone in the
minneapolis minnesota area that can advise, restore, or assist
in the restoration process?