From:Tom Van Beek
Subject:RE: Hummer restoration help Date:Sun Apr 1 10:58:28 2012
Response to:17220
Hi: Will throw my name in the hat as I do engine rebuilds and complete restorations. I am 35 miles north of Milwaukee Wisconsin in West Bend. you can also reach me by phone evenings and weekends at 262-338-8986. Be glad to help out, I have done over 55 restorations and well over 300 engine rebuilds! Look forward to hearing from you! Tom Van Beek

I have a 48 hummer that I recieved about a year ago. The previous owner started to restore but much of it is in boxes and, I believe some needs to be redone. Is there anyone in the minneapolis minnesota area that can advise, restore, or assist in the restoration process?