From:Dr Pepper
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Connecting rods Date:Sun Apr 8 21:06:06 2012
Response to:17269
Maybe not that much and don't count on Sue, (lol)
That rod can be bought for $210.00 new from only one person I know of,if you figure out how to rebuild these rods and do it in a couple of hours then you might be on to something.This is what the book says about these rods.

Boy!, I'm thinking if I could get about $800 or $900 ea. and teach my wife how to do it, I might be able to start on another bike! WOO HOO! I can't wait! (I know Mutt knows what is involved in this little project.)

VERY NICE job Don. Go ahead and stock up on a pile of them races and I'll send ya a pile of rods !!! (hehehe)

This is what happens when you have more time than money. I was recovering from a triple bypass and after sitting around with nothing to do after the Silver Sands meet, I decided to rebuild a spare crank for my 56'ST but didn't have a good rod. I did however have several bad ones. (doesn't everybody) So I went to the local bearing store and purchased a needle bearing race, close to the size needed if the rod had a removeable race, and set to the task of grinding. Now the task was a little easer because I have a lathe and toolpost grinder, but not that much. First I chose the 62-63 BT type rod because I had one and it is a lot beefyer than the regular ones, then I had to grind the inside of the rod to except the race, then press the race into the rod, grind the inside of the race to the finished size, then I ground the rod thickness to match the standard so I didn't have to modify the flywheels. Sounds easy, but ask anyone who is smarter than me, it's easier to by a good rod. I have a total of $14.00 in materials and seems like about a thousand hours in labor. But hay $14 bucks aint' bad. Please don't complain about the price when you have someone like MUTT or anyone else work on something, take it from me, IT'S WORTH IT!! Happy Hummering.