From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: pohlman photos ? Date:Thu Apr 12 21:19:37 2012
Response to:17283
The Hummer model, which debuted in 1955, did not have a front brake.

A special wheel hub was used on 55 and 56 Hummers - it did not include a brake drum, and there was no provision for mounting the brake side ("backing") plate. No backing plate meant that there was no place for a speedometer drive, hence no need for a speedometer.

H-D decided to add the front brake in 1957, and used the same (almost) brake as was used on the 1951-1952 Model 125, and 1953-1956 Model 165. There was a slight change in the right side needle bearing (from 9004 to 9060) for 1957 both Model 165 and Hummer.

In mid-year, there was a change on the brake side plate, which I think was related to the needle bearing. The -51 style was used on "early 57", and a new -57 side plate was used on "late 57".


Why does the text in the 57 hummer pic indicate that 57 was the 1st year for a front brake? hummm ;)?