From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: 1959 165 STU Date:Fri Jun 8 20:46:51 2012
Response to:17468

You may have a bitsa. The engine a STU would be a "low horsepower" 165 (it'll has a shroud around the carburetor). A frame with a side stand mounted on the frame would be a 1948 or 49 frame, but that would have a toolbox & horn mounts and the coil would hang below the top tube. You probably have a -Modified- bike. So what clean it up paint it ride it - have fun. or trade for the parts you want, your choice. Again have fun. Bitsa = bits of this - bits of that.

Title is another question, not easily answered. What state do you live in? No, I know you live in the state of eternal optimism, beyond that --. Someone just posted issues with getting a title in Wisconsin. Maine is reputed to be willing to issue a registration for old vehicles with only a bill of sale. In Oregon I got a title with bills of sale for piles of parts.

The stand? how is it mounted? the original was bolted to a plate behind the footpeg, this plate has vertical slots each side of the bolt. If yours isn't like this its an aftermarket stand.


I just picked up a basket case bike. It was half together and half in a box. The problem is i dont know what i have. Is it a 125 or 165? I received some documents, some state that its a 1959 Hummer B, some state that its a 1959 ST. But the engine stamping shows 59STU3308. My jiffy stand is part of the frame and not part of the peg. I dont have tabs for a tool box or horn on the rear left and right side. I have done some research over the last couple days on many sites. I guess i am just really confused as to what i have here, could it be a 125 that someone replaced the engine with a 165? Did they do a 165 with no tabs for the tool box and horn? Once its figured out what i have, is it hard to obtain a title?