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wow. thanks for sharing that story! incredible.

See Carson Little's bike under 1959's in the members pages of this website.

J. Carson Little was the Harley dealer in Lynchburg, Virginia for many, many
years. I went to visit him at his home sometime in the 1980's, and we spent
an afternoon looking at his incredible collection of Harley literature he had
saved throughout the years. His two car garage has a fully finished upstairs
room that was a Harley Museum if ever I saw one.

We looked at his museum, then at his bikes, and then we looked at his barn.
Inside were many bikes in various stage, but neatest were the two Harley XA's.
[ I used to see XAs from time to time, but I haven't seen one in many years. ]

He gave me a flyer that he would be handing out on his next trip to the Rose
Bowl. It starts out "Hello. The following is a brief description of why I am in
your town..."

In 1938, Carson and a buddy rode Carson's brand new 1938 Harley from
Thomasville, North Carolina to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, and
home again. He sold the bike in 1948, but started looking for it in 1958. It
had passed through 13 owners, but on the 20th anniversary of his 1938 trip,
he found it again.

Carson and his son rode back to the Rose Bowl in 1963, the 25th anniversary
of his original trip. Of course, he rode the same motorcycle as he had done in

He then decided to keep going back every five years "just to keep in practice".
1968 - 30th anniversary. 1973 - 35th. 1978 - 40th. 1983 - 45th, and once
more in 1988 for the 50th Anniversary.

Same man - same motorcycle - same trip

J. Carson Little
"The Motorcycle Man"

[ Note: If you don't think that's totally amazing, just consider that the Rose
Bowl is held on NEW YEAR'S DAY ]