From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: no spark/weak voltage Date:Sat Jun 30 15:42:06 2012
Response to:17542
Was the bike running before your friend "changed all of the mag wiring. Put a new coil in" ??

The first thing to check is the last thing you did...

If you are 100% sure everything else is OK, see if Stan Waite still re-magnetizes them.


I have a 1964 pacer. A friend was overhauling the engine and left the engine apart for a year. He put it together and had it running but needed to do some adjustments. Now it will not start with no spark.
He changed all of the mag wiring. Put a new coil in. He checked voltage from the mag it only has .5 volts. We are thinking the rotor has lost its magnatizm.

Does anyone have any ideas?

And does anyone know how to magnatize a rotor or does anyone know where it can be done?