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Subject:The "brother" in "brotherhood" Date:Tue Jul 3 18:31:02 2012
I've got a bit of a bone to pick here and I'm hoping that if enough of us start working to solve this problem then perhaps we might solve it in a rational way.

I buy a lot of stuff from the vendors posted on the HHC. It makes tracking things down more accommodating. I usually pay premium prices for what I want and am always willing to do so without complaint but the inflated "shipping charges" are taking my patience to a whole new level.

It is true that there are reasonable vendors on here. Thank you guys. But I have found more often then not there, are not. I might at times order one part, it costs 5 bucks or so, and then I am charged 19.00 to ship it to Canada. I understand that shipping outside of the USA will cost more but then I receive the package and the actual cost is 3.09. That's a big difference in my opinion.

I call guys on this and ask why the large difference. I've heard it all; "I have to drive it to the post, it's for the envelope, handling fees, you name it. Lets get real! I sell stuff to, here and on ebay. I ask my price and I charge the actual shipping fee. When I set a price I take into account that I will indeed have to box it up or put it in an envelope. That is why I set my asking price.

One vendor, I'll not say who, has just sent me a very small part in a giant, pre-used envelope and charged me way too much and doesn't return the difference in what I paid and the actual shipping cost. I've had enough. If you guys want to make more money for parts, be honest and just charge what you want and what your time is worth, allow me to make an educated decision if I am willing to pay that instead of making me feel robbed.

We all ride 2 wheels here, that use to mean something. It was brotherhood. Now it just feels like I've been Robbin'hooded without the giving back to the poor scenario.

Lets try to right the boat a little here. I just don't think we should allow people to get away with this any more. It's crap and these guys know it.

F E A R S B O T A Z O F A.