From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: The Date:Tue Jul 3 23:44:28 2012
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I hear you. But you have to negotiate the shipping price BEFORE you give them your money. Once they've got your money, they will NEVER give it back.

Do your homework in advance. Calculate an approximate shipping cost on or before you call the vendor.

Then when the vendor quotes you $19, you can say "I already got a quote from UPS for a 1 pound package from your zip code to mine - and it's only $3.09 I'll add a buck or so for the box, so the shipping cost should be no more than $5"

You might be surprised at their reaction when you've done your homework in advance.

Years ago I had a small business, and I used to keep records of phone and mail conversations in those little "Day-Timer" books (remember them?). I might call a vendor and get a quote for $10. A week later, I'd call back to place the order, but the person would say "I'm sorry, the price is $20". I'd pull out my Day-Timer and say "I called on June 23 at 9:45 am and spoke to Robert. He quoted me $10".

An embarrassed pause followed by "OK, $10 it is".

Vendors are all playing the "shipping game" these days. I needed 6 of a non-motorcycle item last week, and started shopping. Vendor A(mazon) has them for $10 each, free shipping. Vendor B has them for $6 each - with $14 shipping! B is outrageous right? No, because each additional item only increased the shipping price 50 cents.

So for six items, A was $60, and B was $52.50 Guess which vendor I picked?

Do your homework and "shop smart".

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I might at times order one part, it costs 5 bucks or so, and then I am charged 19.00 to ship it to Canada. I understand that shipping outside of the USA will cost more but then I receive the package and the actual cost is 3.09.

I call guys on this and ask why the large difference. I've heard it all; "I have to drive it to the post, it's for the envelope, handling fees, you name it. Lets get real!