Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: 1953 Hummer with 6mi Date:Sun Jul 22 20:55:42 2012
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So on the supposed 6 mile bike where is the factory equipped toolbox? And the chrome exhaust, and.....

10-4 Dave,I also found another set on the site last night, Travis Scott has them on a 48 in the members page.Very interesting and cool.The tank decal on the 53 went over my head,I need to read more! lol


I've seen several sets of crash bars like that, so I think they were an aftermarket item. Go over to the "Stuff" section, and look under "Hummers On the Nation's Capitol".

The guy with red shirt and blue pants posing with the group, and below wearing a black shirt while riding - you can't see the bars very well, but you can see the curve is much different from the bikes with stock bars - and very similar to yours. His also mounted on the footpegs.

That's Perry Tilley - also from North Carolina - maybe someone in NC made up one for him and five for his buddies?

I've also seen a couple of them at swap meets over the years. No, they're not stock, but whoever made them did a very good job.



Found a 48 in NC with home made crash bars that attached to the foot pegs,the owner sweared it was original Hummer so I left it at that. Found enough parts to start a new 1948 project~Life is good!