Subject:Out of line Date:Mon Jul 30 00:22:55 2012
Yep, I'm being out of line again and violating the rules. Remember Michele Schwartz and her blogs I directed you to? Well, she's trying to help our town in a project.

The sponsorship link isn't working.

Do you have an envelope, a stamp and a couple of bucks? Forget the online form and just do the right thing and send it to Michele Schwartz, Plein Air Painters, C/O Borough Hall, 71 Main St. High Bridge, NJ 08829

It's non-profit and we're Mayberry...she's put her heart on the line here...the cost of a McDonald's happy meal from you could make a difference in our town.
Please is all I can ask....if it's not in your budget my prayers will be with you anyway.