From:Dr Pepper
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: speedometer iluminator Date:Sat Aug 4 00:44:39 2012
Response to:17640
Funny thing is Boone wont go out after dark for any reason on any motorcycle,big deer problem where he lives, as for Bragging Rights, well, I've asked him many times "WHY" and he just says "Because I Can". Sometimes I wonder about him! I did see some relief in his Sickness last week when they towed the 36 ford in,thats the second one this month and he's getting some color back in his face now.

'Acccesory crazy' brother Boone is. Who is actually going to use this on a bike that can't exceed most speed limits?
The light from the headlight going through plastic is just an illusion :-) Can't even see the road at night on these bikes.....shouldn't be looking down at the speedo anyway. I think Dave shared a midnight ride somewhere on this forum....
Brother looking for bragging rights? Cool....I love you man :-)...keep it up Dr. Pepper....make your buddy happy....and watch for 'gators.

Thats another good thing for me to remember,Thanks Doug.I couldn't find it in my 49 accessory book but it showed up in the 50 book. Boone's now on a accessorie hunt and doesen't care what year it is

I don't have one but it was a 49 issued accessory.
Brother Boone can't sleep untill he finds one of these for his 48,anybody got one?