From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: RE: Transmission interchange? Date:Thu Aug 9 22:35:17 2012
Response to:17657

Bob, You should be concerned to a cirtian extent, the gear rations change but I think the transmission as a unit will interchange. I think Mutt posted a final rations of the various transmissions.

(untimely posted)

I cannot find the posting of transmission ratios in postings or the chapters of "how to restore" maybe I saw it in the service manual (I've put it away due to home construction).

Check to see the bearing sizes on each shaft, If the same put it in & measure the runout of the shafts. If it fits you may go slower or not rev the engine to full RPM but you'll be "Up in the wind, the day will be good".


Hi, Bob here. I've owned several Hummers over the years and have acquired a 1963 Pacer. The engine is in a basket and the transmission parts are rusted/unserviceable. Today I picked up a 1958 Model "B" 125 Hummer engine and am wondering if the transmission and clutch/primary drive parts will interchange with the 1963 parts? Thanks,