From:Jim E
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Crankshafts Date:Wed Aug 15 22:03:24 2012
Response to:17694

125--Bore 52.39mm ----2-1/16 In.--Stroke 57.94mm--2-9/32 In.
165--Bore 60.32mm--2.375 In.--Stroke 57.94mm--2.281 In.
175--Bore 60.32mm--2.375 In.--Stroke 61.11mm--2.406 In.

Could someone please post the bore/stroke of the 125, 165,
and 175 engines? Sorry for the trivial questions. I've ordered
the HD publication 94999-93 for American Built Lightweights,
but haven't received it yet. Hopefully I can get info from it
instead of bugging you guys for simple info that I should
already know.