Subject:RE: 7 spring clutch Date:Thu Aug 16 04:03:06 2012
Response to:17699
1. Attached is a photo of both a stuffer plate and a 7 spring clutch.

2. The stuffer plate raises compression. Gets you from 0 KPH, up to 70 MPH faster than no stuffer. Factory engines never had a stuffer, and dont need a stuffer.

3. The 7 spring clutch ensures that the power from the modified little engine, is utilized ASAP. Is it necessary?...... Not at all, unless seconds count!

4. Without a doubt, the biggest gains with horsepower and top speed from an old antique 2 stroke, is to utilize an expansion chamber exhaust!

Does anyone have a picture of a 7 spring clutch installed? Or has anyone ever done a cut out of the left case cover so you can see the clutch? Is this even possible in your opinion? Please let me know on any of the following questions, thanks.