From:Jim Garrett
Subject:RE: headlight wiring Date:Fri Aug 24 11:26:12 2012
Response to:17735

If you have power to the switch and the switch is assembled correctly, you will have power out in one wire at one switch position and then in the other when the switch toggle position is changed. This should be verified with a meter or test light. Make absolutely sure you have a good ground between the bulb to socket to headlight bucket to fork mount. If there is no ground, the bulb won't light. jim

Going nuts here, installed a new harness followed the wiring diagram exactly, but no headlight
I have tested the bulb, it works, I have one wire going to the dimmer switch and two leaving it going to the headlight, i have reversed those but still nothing. the tail light works in the second click the right and the first click to the left which if I remember was a parking light situation. Is there something inside the receptacle to check? could my switch be the wrong switch? thank you for any help.