Subject:RE: RE: RE: engraved side cover Date:Sat Sep 1 21:05:46 2012
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With no offence intended to preserving history I have to say "Bravo FB". Harley-Davidson is the most customized motorcycle brand in the world....and customizing actually means 'personalizing your bike to reflect you'. Nothing wrong with that. I have treasured my 'customs' as well as my restored, and unrestored, originals. My worlds have collided at times when I see a Knucklehead motor in a custom frame but I've calmed myself in knowing the motor is still doing the job it was intended to do....getting somebody's butt down the road to further their motorcycling experience...even if the bike sits in a showcase or someone’s living room it still adds to that experience. I have mounted my bikes in times of happiness and sadness alike (and drunkeness...not recommended)...the constant was the bike. I taught the beginning riders course for a number of years and saw people bring all different reasons to the table for wanting to ride...from all walks of life. Some I prayed for, others I knew had just spent a weekend opening a door to a world they would enjoy for the rest of their lives.
FB's your bike. Do with it as you will....Bravo.

Hello John,

I completely understand what you are saying. Brent has also pointed out, there are a lot of covers out there that will never be brought back to original. I'm building a 165 as we speak and nothing on my bike is original any more, I've mish-mashed parts, changed tanks, used other motorcycle and even tractor parts, even the ignition is now on the side of the tank. I've hand finished every everthing, sanded, rounded, extended, drilled out and gold plated. I figured that a lot of people who own a hummer have done the best they could to make them ride-able or really gone the distance and brought them back to 100%.

They all look great, left alone or restored but I thought I'd try to do something a bit off the beaten path for our little community here. The idea to engrave side covers just seemed like the next step in the evolution of this build. I've forked over 9000.00 into this little guy and it still has a ways to go. I figured putting 100 hours into engraving will just help to get people to stop when they see this thing and go, huh, didn't know Harley made something like that, where can I get one?

All and all I hope that some people can appreciate the hard work I have put into this bike. I cant please everyone but I understand why too. At the end of the day these bikes are for the riders pleasure and tooling, carving and plating this bike has been nothing but pleasure.

Why do you want to destroy good side covers?

I wanted to see what I could engrave on a Harley Hummer 165 side cover. So I was wondering if anyone had a right or left or both side cover in nice shape that they would donate.

I was thinking of documenting the process and posting it on here for anyone looking to learn how to engrave along the way and show updated of the project as it moves along. Please let me know if anyone wants to help me out with a cover or two.