From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Frankenstein? Date:Wed Sep 5 22:34:15 2012
Response to:17800

In one of the two pictures you can (barely) see the grease fittings (zerks) sticking out of the fork tubes. Really hard to see, but look closely, and yes, they are there. I didn't see them until after you mentioned them. The tube cap nuts - from the angle of the picture, I couldn't tell. But now when I look again, they probably don't have the little "cup" nuts of the 1952 and later.

Since the seller billed this as a "1951", I'm betting this is basically a 1951 with a 1964 Scat engine. Which way Matt should go depends on whether it's mostly 1951 or mostly 1964. But we need some more pictures...


Dave, I couldn't see ether the zerks or the top cap. I suggested this to allow Matt to further define the date of the frame parts. Doug


You got eagle eyes! The fork tubes are definitely 1951. The number in the triple tree is still a mystery. Maybe it's a 1951 bike that had a heart transplant - I guess we'll know when we see more pictures.

That 175cc Scat engine has a lot more power than a 1951 Model 125 engine does. Maybe that's not such a bad thing...

...I recently lead a short road ride with my local AMCA chapter. They clocked my mighty 125cc Hummer at a blistering 49 mph. Of course, that was going downhill with a tail wind.


The 51 forks are a 1 year only item, grease zerks for lubrication near the bottom, and solid top caps, no fill the forks with oil plugs on the top.