From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Frankenstein? Pics Date:Thu Sep 6 21:30:51 2012
Response to:17802
It's a "bitsa".

Frame - looks like a #8, but it's still hard to tell. It could also be a #5 (Model 165). I can't see a toolbox mount on the left rear bottom frame rail, was it there but removed? Very interesting modification to the rear brake system to use a cable!

Engine - probably a 1962 Scat.

Forks - I thought I saw grease fittings on the front forks, but in the new pictures, I don't see them. If no grease fittings, 1952-up. Top caps are 1952-up. There are slight differences in the forks from 1952-1966.

Wheels and hubs- 3.50x18, used on 1955/1956 - 1960, and 1962-up. The rear sprocket should have 49 teeth. The Firestone tires are probably from 1955-1957-ish, as Goodyear became the predominant tire around then.

Gas tank - 1950-1952 Model 125 or 1953-1959 Model 165.

The question now - do you have any fenders, fork panel, chain guard, handlebars and controls, headlight, taillight, speedometer? These are the expensive items, and depending on what you have...

From what I've seen so far, it's a bitsa this, bitsa that. Probably the best approach is to see if you can get the engine running, and turn it into a "fun" bike that you can ride around and feel good that you brought it back from the land of the dead.

The bike that started the Hummer Club was also a real mess - 1955-56 Hummer forks and wheels, 1957-1959 Hummer frame, 1960 Super 10 engine, 19?? Model 165 gas tank, etc.

But, it was a __complete running bike__ with excellent fenders. So I started from a much better position. Regardless, it took thousands of dollars and many, many years to make it an AMCA Winner's Circle bike.


Ok. Hope these are sufficient. If you need other angles/specific items, please let me know.