Subject:Cannonball Run "sort of" Date:Fri Sep 21 21:09:05 2012
Famed author Paulo Coehlo wrote: "One day you will wake up and there won't be any more time to do the tinkgs you've always wanted to do."
That single quote was enopugh motivation to inspire 57=-year old Art Berger to get on his bike and ride across the United States. He was also able to convince three others to attempt the trek.
The three riders who finished the ride - average age around 60 - and dipped thier toes in the Atlantic Ocean in Rehoboth Beach July 27 finished the ride in an amazing 38 days, averaging just under 95 miles per day for a total of 3,584 miles.
Berger, Chuck Mattioni, 56, and Ed Williams, 64, together with Jerry Steinberg who dropped out after riding more than 3,300 miles with a severe case of achilles tendonistis made the journey.