From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: Title requirement Date:Sun Nov 25 16:06:46 2012
Response to:17966

Various states have various rules. In Oregon I've got title through previous owner getting title in other state (Idaho), Title service (years ago), Hoop jumping through the abandoned vehicle/mechanics lien rules All methods have difficulty. I've heard the "International Title service" doesn't work any more. State rules about mechanics liens may be the best route, lost & transfered ownership creates a search and documentation nightmare, but can be done (here in Oregon). One I've never checked is a "This bike has never been titled" route.

Again every state has different rules. Some like Vermont? don't title bikes older than 1970?

If you find a Title getting method you might make a bundle buying untitled bikes and getting the things legal. (Or go to jail because you'd look like a thief to the police).

Good luck. Doug
I tried to ask the DMV in California already but got no answer. So i like to ask here since when In California title is required for motorcycles? The motorcycle I'm interested in is build in 1963.
Thanks for responding