From:Dana Wassum
Subject:RE: Title requirement Date:Tue Nov 27 01:01:51 2012
Response to:17966
I got a Colorado Title for my 56B, which had been my Dad's,
and was in PA until I had it shipped to CO. I outlined my
process in my previous response to Doug. But, the most
important thing I found out when I went through the process
here in Colorado, was to start with your COUNTY DMV. Take a
photo of your Hummer with you, and ask for their help, and I'm
sure you will find that they are very helpful in walking you
through the process. At least they were here!

I tried to ask the DMV in California already but got no
answer. So i like to ask here since when In California title
is required for motorcycles? The motorcycle I'm interested in
is build in 1963.
Thanks for responding