From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: Re-laquering control cables Date:Thu Nov 29 16:42:09 2012
Response to:17993
I'd like to hear others solutions to this too.

I've always thought lacquering new thread would be a good Idea but the weaving of the thread is just beyond me.

Until I saw a model machinist this last "Gears" swap meet and show that has made most of the parts to wrap wire with cotton woven over the vinyl insulation, he has to make the tensioners. and he is willing to share the plans for the machine if I want to wrap larger than the 14ga wire he is wrapping WHOOHOO another incredibly complex project project to start on.


Has anyone had experience in restoring clutch, front brake, and throttle cable cloth covering? Seems like pretty straightforward: cotton type covering then painted in black lacquer. Obviously, the asphalt wire loom material is far too coarse so curious if anyone else has ever managed to source the proper material. It's got to be available since there are reproduction cables being produced which are close to the original covering. I've got several cable sets I think are worth restoring rather than purchasing repros.

Thanks in advance!