Subject:RE: RE: Titles Date:Tue Dec 4 07:32:22 2012
Response to:18020
ALL States are Different. Florida is easy.
PA is hard. I've run into that PA Records Fire a few times over the years.
All Florida Forms are Online. I've done full new Registration and New Title from Out-of-State, by mailing in the correct forms.
Without a past Title, and never Titled Bikes.
The Bike wasn't even in the State of Florida yet.

To answer your What If?
All he would need to do is have his brother Sign a Bill-of-Sale with any dollar amount. It's All about Taxes.
But you do need to be reasonable, No $5.00 Sale.
$500. has always worked for me, even on higher worth bikes.
Again, It's ALL about Taxes and collecting the fees.

Florida DMV workers are really Not there to help you, and the worst source of Information.
ALL the Information is ONLINE. Read everything and you'll see what you can and can't do.

The one I did last month, the same VIN Number matched an RV
registered in Florida. The DMV counter worker said, "That VIN Number can't be Registered because it's already being used."
I stated,"You are Wrong. Please get your Manager".
The Manager comes out reads everything, and agrees with Me.
She then instructs the Counter Worker How to do it, which keys to press. The Counter Worker replys, "I didn't know we could do that..."
I reply, "Learning new things...Isn't it wonderfull!".


I wonder what they would have said to you if your reply was that you father had passed away many years ago?