From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: 63 Scat Info Wanted Date:Mon Dec 10 15:33:12 2012
Response to:18033

The buddy seat was available from the factory as an accessory up from 1953 until 1965. It was available in black/white, red/white, and all white

For some strange reason, the "double-wide" footrests 52652-52 were only available up until 1962. I suspect they might fit on your '63 also, but not sure.

Most people prefer the solo seat as it just looks better. Of course, with the solo seat, you won't be able to take that cute girl down the street for a ride.

The solo saddle and springs for 1963-1965 Scat are different than the ones used on (1950-1962 and 1963-1965 Pacer), and will be harder to find. If you go solo, start looking now.


I have a 63 Scat that I want to restore. Can someone please tell me if this is a Harley accessory seat? Could this bike have left the dealer with this seat? If this is a Harley seat? What's your guy's opinion on restoring the machine with this seat as opposed to the solo saddle? It dosn't have the wide buddy pegs. Shouldn't it have the wide pegs with this seat? Hopefully the picture down loads ok? this is my first post.
Your input is much appreciated.
Thank you for any help with this.
Regards, Scott Allen