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Subject:RE: RE: 63 Scat Info Wanted Date:Tue Dec 11 01:40:41 2012
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The long seat...I grew up in the deserts of Las Vegas and ended up putting a Honda 90 motor in a Honda 50 frame...the front fender wouldn't clear the head but that was no problem...I set it up for dirt fender. How does this fit this string? I found out you need the option of seat placement depending on your needs. When going through what we called 'blow sand' (powder) you needed to sit back on the rear wheel for traction and let the front end 'float' as you went through; if not, you went down. A solo seat wouldn't offer this...a Buddy seat would. The long seat offered options for riding conditions.
Restoration? Your choice....ride? I'd keep the buddy seat.

Yes, that is a Harley Seat. Called a Buddy Seat.
Yes, it could have left the Harley Dealer with this seat.
Personal opinion and choice on seats.
Purest would pick Solo Seat.
Big Guys with long legs that actually ride the bike like Me. I like the Buddy Seat and feel the Solo Seat pushes me riding to far forward to enjoy. Just my riding style.

No you don't need the wider Pegs. But you may want to Add the Buddy Seat Foot Pegs. They are a Rare Original Part to find, and mount to the swing-arm on plates.

She also has the Original Chain Guard that is rare, but also repopped are available.

Have Fun, Ride'm

I have a 63 Scat that I want to restore. Can someone please tell me if this is a Harley accessory seat? Could this bike have left the dealer with this seat? If this is a Harley seat? What's your guy's opinion on restoring the machine with this seat as opposed to the solo saddle? It dosn't have the wide buddy pegs. Shouldn't it have the wide pegs with this seat? Hopefully the picture down loads ok? this is my first post.
Your input is much appreciated.
Thank you for any help with this.
Regards, Scott Allen