From:Dana Miller
Subject:RE: RE: RE: 1960 super 10 restoration Date:Mon Dec 24 12:21:56 2012
Response to:18071
You can also purchase from a cd containing all of
the parts and service manuals for hummers. Good luck with your
restoration. I'm(actually Mutt is) nearly done with my super-ten. Cheers

I did a search & found picturers under "how to restore"in chapter 8: service
manuals, there are a few pics of older manuals and a current issued Harley
manual $40 through Harley on their website (it may be found at dealers).

There are old service manuals available from time to time or Harley is
selling a retrospective manual (about $35) that covers your year. Available
at Harley dealers. Doug

I've recently attained a 1960 super 10 and I'm trying to find a service
manual so I can get it up and running. It's been sitting in a corner for 30+
years and I finally have it in my work shop. Need to free the piston and
make sure all other mechanical parts are ready to function. I also have the
rider hand book which is helpful but doesn't get into the tranny, clutch,
cylinder, etc. Thanks for any help... CC