Subject:Need 1955 B 125 Hummer advice/Help Date:Wed Dec 26 20:02:19 2012
Hey Guys and Gals! Recentlly aquired a 1955 B Hummer 125. I have been going in circles trying to get this thing started. Due to my inexperiance with this bike I feel like I need some help. First thing I did was I cleaned the carb and tank. I have fuel now. Did the old thumb trick on the plug hole. Feels like it has decent compression. Next I moved onto spark. This where I feel I am having an issue. Adjusted the piont gap and replaced the condensor. There is no boot on the plug wire so I can check to see if there is spark coming through the wire before it gets to the plug. There is enough spark to give me a good jolt. But when I attach the plug to the plug wire and ground the plug to the cylinder head there is no visible spark. I say visible because I can hold my thumb on the electrode and it will shock me? Any ideas? I have never messed around with this magneto setup. I dont want to just start buying parts to throw at this thing. Would prefer to learn how it works and ,ake an educated guess on what to do.

Oh and I have been reading a lot on the forum. I noticed a post regarding crankshaft seals. How do I know if bad crakncase seals may be the problem?

Thanks in advance for any help!