From:Dana Miller
Subject:RE: RE: Handlebars for 60 BT needed Date:Wed Dec 26 20:32:11 2012
Response to:18059

Spare parts catalog 99452-60 lists both chrome and black for this year. My 60
also came with chrome bars. I,m guessing that the black bars would have come
with a Yoder squeeze bulb type and chrome bars with the small Hella electric
horn 69005-59. Mine came with a yoder but still had a horn button on bars so i
eventually put the electric one on. Especially since my dumb arse promptly threw
the rotted out "bicycle horn" away the first week I owned it! What little did I
know! Cheers Dana
I have a 60 bt and the bars are chrome.Although I bought it used and parts may
have been changed.

I need a set of original style handlebars for my 60BT. Were they chrome or
black? How about a horn was there one on the 60 BT?
Thanks and Merry Christmas!