From:Joe LaRosa
Subject:RE: AMCA Meet in Florida Date:Tue Jan 8 11:04:05 2013
Response to:18107
Dr. Pepper,
Great. I plan on being there and will look you up. I`m still looking for a set of Topper handlebars complete for my Puckett racer, maybe you or Boone can help me out, would be appreciated.
#240, Joe

The Hummer Club Tent will be in full swing this year and have the same 3 spots as last year J-1,J-2,J-3.
Will have tables set up for your parts for sale or trade. Bring your bike if you can.Will have the Bar-B-Que grill going,Sodas and Beer in coolers and a golf cart to carry all your new treasures to or from the car.