From:Doug Miller (in Oregon)
Subject:RE: RE: gas to oil ratio Date:Mon Jan 28 17:20:23 2013
Response to:18182
Mike and Sheila, I'm sorry if the direction to #18000 was inadequate, I was intending to direct you to the whole discussion in response to #18000. In #18002 Dave Hennessy one of the more knowledgeable fellows here suggests Harleys recommendation was 25:1 or 5.1 ounces per gallon. We tend to use a mix oil designed for air-cooled, 2 stroke engines each of us finds different brands available, Lawnboy, Homelite, Stihl, all made for weed-eaters & chainsaws. The oil formulations for water-cooled engines is different. Harleys original recommendation was 40 weight but it doesn't burn as well, lube as well or dissolve as well as the newer formulations for 2 stroke engines.

Again Sorry if my direction was insufficient. Doug

Hi Sheila, I asked this same question, post #18170. I was refered to post #18000. I was hoping to find a more definitive answer. Maybe someone will. If I can find out more I will let you know. By the way, that is a beautiful bike you have. Can you tell me who did the retoration on it? I have a '64 I would like to have it looking, hopefully, as nice as yours. Mike

Can anyone please advise me the gas to oil ratio for a 1959 125cc Harley Hummer? Thanks