Subject:RE: batteries again Date:Tue Feb 5 12:19:27 2013
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the book you are quoting was printed in 1966. We should only be concerned with what was correct on 1959 and earlier models.

Your book should show that the -62 horn was also used on the 48-59 S & ST models, but that version of the horn wasn't even produced until 1962, so it can't be correct for any model, as no model that was produced that year or there ater, used this type of horn.

I went thru my whole pile of parts books for ya. All 8 of these parts books (1948,-49,-50,-51,-52,-53,-54 and 55) all list the battery as a -47. The 1948-1957 parts book is the first to list the battery as -47D.

I have never found a parts book that covers xxxx until 1956, so I can't honestly state that it would also have listed the battery -47D, tho I suspect that it did, as that was the year the regulator changed from the 1118307 to the 1118794. No factory documents that I have ever show any S or ST model having the Diamond type logo battery installed on it. I believe it came out in 1960 or 61.

Just my 2 worth



How to restore section on batteries showing:
Harley Shield Logo type:
Shield green, early years 48--??
Shield red, later years through ??- 59.

However, the different Harley BAR type logo (not painted) is clearly shown in the 56-66 parts book as 66001-47D used with 53-59 ST.

Obviously, that battery shell/logo was available at that time or it would not be in the illustration.

I think this is an important issue for judging as it would be hard to refute the picture/PN as being incorrect or the part not available at that time.

Since all types of shells are correctly made and on the shelf now, I need to know what direction to point the restoration customers.

OF interest (to me at least), in my 5 yr search for good battery cases to copy, I have found two different versions of the Harley shield Logo. The difference is minor and was probably due to mould change or different battery companies producing for Harley. Not a judging issue.

DUANE TAYLOR, ancient.