From:Marilyn Bachtel
Subject:RE: eBay Date:Thu Feb 7 12:24:02 2013
Response to:18226

See your listing here, are you only having Hummer items or more. Doing your books here? Do you ever attend the big swap meet in Iowa on labor day weekend? That is amass with old bike parts and dealers from ALL over come to it. My husband and I went every year.
Looked at your bike pic, it is Great!! Used to work with a guy that had a huge collection, he has since passed but was one of the judges at the swap meet I mentioned.
Go to and look at the Hummer Accessory tool box. That's mine. I need to sell off things from my collection to help my youngest daughter. If you're interested send me a PRIVATE offer and I'll look it over. If I get an acceptable one you get it. If not it goes on eBay. Not looking for charity; just offering it to the Club first. Warmest Regards, Brent Dugan ZW