From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: AMCA National Meet in Florida Date:Sat Feb 23 00:47:59 2013
Response to:18280

Are you admitting that you're an old geezer?

There were three types of membership cards over the Club's 20-year pre-virtual span. The very early ones were a reprint of the H-D "Club Plan Passbook" with an illustration of a Hummer on the front. Next came a card-stock paper card. Last came a credit card-sized plastic card with your name embossed (in gold, no less!)

So just how old a geezer are you?

I won't be able to make it to sunny Florida, but Brent and I will be flippin' burgers and beer at Oley. Have fun in the sun!


I plan on being there. Look forward to meeting you. I'm an old time member and still have my membership card from before we were a virtual club. I'm member number 581 since 1993.