From:Richard Duda
Subject:RE: Parts for sale Date:Fri Mar 22 08:03:15 2013
Response to:18311
The only parts left are the kicker, shifter, coil bracket and rolling frame. Whatever
is left will be brought to Oley. If anyone needs a frame or rims give me a call and
I will deliver to Oley. Frames are $75 and Rims are $50. I also have lots of
Topper parts and Topper basket cases. Thanks Dave and Brent

I have a few parts for sale from the bike I had for sale.
Hummer parts. Brake pedal $25, Brake rod and bracket 10, chainguard 110, coil
bracket 12, kicker 50, kickstand 40, muffler 40, pegs 15, pipe, seat bracket repo
35, seat springs 40, seat 125, shifter 50, tank w/cap 325. All parts are original
except seat bracket is repo. If any interest please call Richard 802-888-7689