From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: Hello guys! Date:Tue Mar 26 23:45:24 2013
Response to:18347
Kieth, You'll find support parts and friends here. Consider getting mechanics and parts manuals, they'll help you in the repair and understanding. Use the search feature you'll find lots of questions already approached and lots of inspiration from others bikes, problems and solutions. I hope you can keep it away from your brother. Doug

Hi guys. I just wanted to introduce myself to ya'll. My name is Keith and I've had a HD Hummer all my life. My dad bought it shortly before I was born and told my mom that he hoped they were having a boy, because he had just bought him a Harley. My brother and I learned to ride motorcycles on this bike up until the piston broke. For the last 20+ years the bike has been sitting gathering dust. Now that I have my own garage, I plan on working on this bike and try to get it on the road. Thanks for reading my little intro.