From:Floyd M. Orr
Subject:The Tiddler Invasion Date:Wed Mar 27 15:31:44 2013
Howdy, y'all, from Austin TX! I am writing a book entitled The Tiddler Invasion: Small Motorcycles of the Sixties to be released in a couple of months. I just found this website today. I learned to ride on a 1960 Super 10 that same year and that story will be in this book. My charts and articles on the Hummers and Topper that some of you may have seen on my old site Tiddlerosis will be included, too. I finally had to discontinue the Tiddlerosis site that I had managed for over a decade. The book project was taking just too much of my time! The book is a labor of love. It will be my seventh book and I do not expect many copies to be printed or sold, but it will be available to enthusiasts to read for many years to come.

The book is essentially a nostalgic ID Guide. It looks like it will be about 500 pages and include about 200 photos. Currently, the photo choices I have for any Hummers are quite pathetic. Would any of you like to contribute photos of your machines? If so, please send a message directly to ice9 at nctv dot com. All photos will be fully credited in the book, both in the caption and in the Photo Credits section.

Yes, there is a catch. I need high quality, large file photos of restored machines taken in bright sunlight. The files need to be at least 500 KB and a MB or more will be even better. All photos will appear in B&W in the print version and full color in the e-book versions. Anyone interested? Thank you.