From:John Fairgrieve
Subject:RE: RE: Which way does the battery face? Date:Tue Apr 2 21:56:44 2013
Response to:18363
I have three hand books. 1948 shows positive terminal facing front. 1955 and 1959 show positive terminal facing back.


The Riders hand book for the 48 model shows the positive side of the battery facing to the front of bike. The riders hand book for 58 shows the pos. side of batt. facing the back of the bike. hope this helps I dont have any other rider hand book to check so I dont know when this changed but it might have been when the 165 st models came out in 1953.
I got one of Duane Taylor's awesome battery boxes for my '51 125. Now, I don't know if the green HD emblem should be faced forward or to the back. Can someone steer me in the right direction?