Subject:Oley 2013 Date:Thu May 2 00:07:09 2013
Time to be real here. Dave and I enjoyed Oley as much as anybody else...that included beer, wine ....and the occaisional moonshine (apple and peach flavored nitro-methane!) that went around during the late night hours...Photos were taken and I did my best to log the members in them....but my camera was used to take others while I was cooking so I lost the progression. Look at the raw photos at and write back to me to tell me "That's me in IMG_0997.jpg on the left" so we can get this all straightened out for final print on the website.
For those there the air raid siren at 7am on Friday was uncalled for...the guy dying after his morning coffee was the way I would have wanted to go...and the SUV burning up was a lesson in stupidity. All in all it was a wonderful time....just like it's been for the past 17 years for me.... :-) Pepper...up here we have a different way....different yes, better? Come up and try it out before you decide :-) My SPECIAL thanks to Duane Taylor for joining us! Too bad you didn't share that 'Chateau Guiraud Sautrenes' with whispered apricot and peach...and I enjoyed sips of it 'enjoying the tail of the dog that bit me' the day after as I cooked up hamburgers and hotdogs for everyone that was hungry. The Meets have stopped being a place for me to find projects are pretty much done....I now enjoy the people...the people who have always been there...the people that ( I hope) will continue to be there...the people who continually show me that AMCA is about fun....and motorcycles.