From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Actual Yoder horns for sale (was RE: advert) Date:Sun May 19 16:07:57 2013
Response to:18483
Actual Yoder horns for sale

High price, poor condition. Also looks like it may have been re-bulbed.

The one on my bike (H-D), and the ones in this advert have a ferrule where the bulb is attached to the horn.

This "Junior" is too short. Should be 9" overall length.

Yoder apparently moved from Los Angeles to Little Rock, Arkansas at some time. The top ad is from 1949, and the bottom one is from 1957. All of the horns I've seen say "Los Angeles" though.

I found this on eBay. Look how long Yoder was making these squeeze bulb horns !!