Subject:RE: DIXON, CA Date:Tue Jun 11 20:14:35 2013
Response to:18521
I've been looking forward to this event, and now having read this even more so.

Just wanted all who are planning on attending the AMCA Dixon meet June 14th
and 15th to stop by the Hummer Tent. We'll have the typical handouts for you as
well as a place to display your Hummer if you so desire. This year we're going a
bit eclectic and sprinkling in a few other lightweights. We think it'll make for a
more interesting display and a whole new set of tall stories.
Dean Hummer and family will be there along with his latest Hummer he's gotten
back on the road. Dean's son in law Dan is bringing his gorgeous little Shortster.
Dana Miller is joining us this year with his beautifully finished Super 10
restoration and you won't believe what Mr. eclectic himself Gene Underwood will
be breaking out this year.Otto Hofmann will have an Aermacchi there as well as
some other surprises.
We are encouraging all to ride drag pull or haul your Hummers or any interesting
light weights down to our tent for display.We'll offer safe Harbor while you take
in the meet or just hang out in the shade and bench race.
Hope to see you there, John Dutra.